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Tree Trimming

Did you know that there’s an art to tree trimming?  We can trim your tree(s) in such a way as to promote growth in certain areas and avoid growth in others.  Your arborists will be making preventative maintenance cuts while pruning to prevent the need for trimming for up to 10 years.

Tree Service

Tree Services Sacramento is known for free, no-obligation, same-day digonese and estimates from expert arborists.  After booking with us we provide quick scheduling dates at the best prices when other companies have long wait times or overcharge you for fast turnarounds.

Tree Removal

What makes us different?  We can come to your property, provide a price, give you a few days to think about it, and perform the work before some companies can give you an estimate. We are the highly rated, licensed, bonded, and insured company property owners prefer.


Having an arborist to diagnose tree issues can be a huge advantage, save you more money than you might imagine, time, and prevent future problems.  We provide same-day, no obligation, arborist consultations all at no charge to you.  Why not contact us now?

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  • Our estimates are provided by arborists
    Let us give you the best advice possible for your tree services, saving you dollars, time, and a headache.
  • Free, same day, no-obligation arborist consultations
    Our arborists get to you the same day, so we can fix your tree problems sooner than later.
  • Same week job scheduling
    Our professional tree service crews are ready to provide service as soon as the same day.
  • Amazing service
    Just wait to see what we can do.  Let us put a smile on your face after you see the potential of your trees.
  • Licensed, bonded, and insured
    Your property is covered when you use us.  We also go the extra mile to prevent damage to your yard.
  • Professional service at affordable rates
    We can provide such excellent service at affordable rates because we do the volume other companies don’t.
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Highly rated, licensed, bonded and insured!

Tree Trimming Information

So you are looking for a tree trimmer? Why hire a tree trimmer? And why is it imperative to hire professionals? When talking about trees we are talking about your home, maybe your safely, maybe your business. Trimming insures the health and safety of your woods while also providing beauty and structure.
There are some topics to be considered when thinking and planning to get a trimming service.

Health: Weak, dead, and insect or disease infested branches affect the health. By removing or pruning back branches you can ensure that the health remains steady and sturdy to provide beauty, design, oxygen, and shade for years to come. Limb failure is a sign of health. An arborist can spot these issues early and suggest preventive measures to protect and care for well-being. Having the limbs removed promotes healthy growth and sometimes downright stops the disease or weak limbs from spreading. While there is still time before health becomes an issue and a full removal needs to be done, have an arborist assess your limbs and provide trimming.

Safety: In addition, safety is an important reason for trimming. Branches or limbs can block driveways and walkways increasing the risk of people bumping into them. If the limbs are injured or at risk for disease they are more likely to fall and possibly cause bodily harm. Not to mention, the risk of branches falling and breaking in a storm. By keeping your limbs trimmed you guarantee that there are no issues or accidents that could impact the safety of you or your loved ones.

Property Damage: Property damage is a huge factor in maintenance and hiring tree trimming Sacramento services. Pruning or removal are required to prevent damage to your property before an accident occurs. Fallen limbs are a very real outcome in storms and high wind areas, falling onto property and creating much more dangerous and expensive repairs. By having our company come to your property and provide an onsite, no obligation, estimate you will be able to preemptively prevent any foreseen damage to your home or property. Our Arborists will point out possible fail points and then send services to safely remove those limbs thereby preventing unnecessary damage to your property and self. Furthermore, we provide emergency services if unforeseen damage does occur we will arrive ready, able, and prepared to help you manage any damage. Give us a call at 916-274-7634 before any damage occurs.

Sudden branch fall: During the summer, branches can suddenly fall. The often shocking thing is this occurs in branches from seemingly healthy woods during the warmer months. These drops can expand up to 12 feet creating a very concerning safety hazard. By having an arborist come out and assess for dead offshoots, decaying limbs, and other visible hazards you can prevent risk due to these sudden falls. You will want to have the limbs trimmed to remove any unsafe boughs before they suddenly fall in the Sacramento heat causing damage. Regular care and professional service can proactively stop serious issues and breaks in the future. An arborist will point out spots at risk due to the weight of the limbs or internal decay. Your arborist may recommend pruning the canopy to reduce humidity, a possible cause of sudden branch fall in the summer. Be aware of aged woods, specifically, but not limited to: oaks, sycamore, elm, beech, willow, pecan and eucalyptus which tend to be more at risk. All very common in the Sacramento area.

Appearance: Pruning doesn’t just remove limbs it controls grow or regrow. Regular pruning primes and directs the growth. This can affect the shape and growth for years to come. Proper trimming can maintain the height without causing damage and restore scenic views, helping to provide aesthetics, comfort and ambiance to your yard and home.

Why use a professional service?

We are the top tree trimming service in sacramento for a reason. With crews that provide experience and top notch customer service we prioritize safety, time, and professional service. We get the job done right the first time and are able to handle any trimming needs you may have. With the proper training and equipment we provide safe and knowledgeable services we make sure that our work is accurate and safe. Because with poorly done or improper pruning you can be left with hollow points, fractures or splits, leaving you with a weakened anchor point therefore putting your limbs at risk for falling. Using a poor tree trimmer in care ultimately causes more damage and property. A professional arborist and a certified contracted service team can provide proper and accurate care, earning your trust and business. Our expert team will make sure that your trees are not at further risk to you, your family, home, and business. Tree trimmer Services Sacramento is here to answer any questions and provide services for all your tree trimming service needs.